Instructions for submitting camera-ready manuscripts

  • We need all source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps files, or Word or rtf files) and the final pdfs of all of the papers. References are to be supplied as Bbl files to avoid omission of data while conversion from Bib to Bbl. A mixture of LaTeX and Word files is fine. Please do not send any older versions of papers. There should be one set of source files and one pdf file per paper. Our typesetters require the author-created pdfs in order to check the proper representation of symbols, figures, etc.

  • LaTeX and Word template files are available for  download here. The camera-ready manuscript should be at most 10 pages in length (including all text, figures, and references). Include authors’ names and affiliations in the camera-ready manuscript. Make sure that you have incorporated the suggestions made by reviewer against your paper in the final version.

  • The authors should make sure that they do not make any formatting changes to the template. (e.g. they should not change the default font sizes, line spacing, margins etc.).

  • All submissions will be handled electronically via the conference's CMT author account.
    Follow the below instructions for uploading the files using CMT.

    1. A zipped file containing all your LaTeX source files / the word file.

    2. PDF version of your camera-ready paper (make sure that you have incorporated the suggestions made by reviewer against your paper in the final version).

    3. Signed Springer CCIS consent form to publish in PDF format. The consent form should be downloaded from here and necessary author(s) information should be filled-in and signed by at least one of the authors of the accepted paper, scan the filled and signed consent form in PDF format and upload the same.
      • The space provided for the "Volume Editors" in the copyright form can be left blank.
      • Please note that without the copyright form, the manuscript cannot be published in the Springer CCIS proceedings.
For any query regarding camera-ready submission, please contact us at: